Students register themselves for CyberStart America, so there is no requirement for teachers to register themselves to allow their students to play. 

Full Game licenses for CyberStart America are only available to eligible high school students, but we have a separate limited pool of licenses available for teachers who request them - contact us on

Anyone not eligible for free access to Game through CyberStart America is welcome to sign up for a commercial license at

There are several ways for educators to get a preview of what their students will be doing.

  • You can view a 10-minute video tour of CyberStart Game here
  • If you’re keen to have a go at ethical hacking and password-cracking yourself, you can try our 60-minute CyberStart experience CyberStart Go, featuring similar sorts of challenges to those that your students will face in CyberStart Game itself
  • If you really think you would benefit from having a free full Game license, please email us on to request one. We have a limited pool of licenses available for this purpose, and we would much rather have you properly registered as a teacher using a license than have you go through the standard student registration process - that would skew our participation data!