Girls Go CyberStart is being incorporated into the CyberStart America program from 2020, functioning as a girls-only community but with members competing against all CyberStart America players. Girls need to sign up via the CyberStart America website, same as boys, but can choose to join the Girls Go CyberStart community within the CSA program for additional support and community-specific rewards to play for.

You can expect the same awesome gamified play but with more time, more rewards, and more support, and players can sign up individually.

The key differences from the previous GGCS program are as follows:

  • Boys can play too!
  • There are more rewards and prizes to play for, with $2 million in scholarships available through the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation
  • Eligible participants start playing CyberStart Game straight away, rather than having the “Assess” stage first.
  • Students sign up and play as individuals, rather than as part of a club - although clubs are still encouraged for collaboration and support!
  • Gameplay starts earlier (October 30, 2020) and runs for longer (the deadline to qualify for the Competition has been extended from March 8 2021 to March 15 2021, so students must reach the qualifying level in Game by the end of the day on that date to qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition, although Game will remain open for a few weeks after that to allow students to continue practicing until just before the Competition).