This online VM means even students using Chromebooks can have the tools they need to complete CyberStart challenges. We are grateful to Network Development Group (NDG) for donating their expertise, time and hosting facilities to make this resource possible.

What is the online VM?

It is an online virtual Linux computer in which you open the browser to access CyberStart and start playing! This virtual machine is “sandboxed” — that means you can use the tools in the VM safely without having any impact on your physical computer.

  • You will be able to use the browser Developer Tools such as “View Source” or “Inspect Element”.
  • You will NOT be able to access any other domain on the Internet. This makes sure that you are not bypassing your school Internet filter policies.
  • There is limited availability for instances of the online Virtual Machine so students may find wait times when trying to access.
  • Make sure to send any questions about CyberStart challenges to NDG is only hosting the VM and cannot help with CyberStart issues.

How do I get access to the online VM?

It’s easy, just follow these quick steps:

1. Go to and register for an NDG account. We recommend using the same email address that you use to log into CyberStart. Click “Register”.

2. Go to your email and get the Verification Key sent by NDG. If you don’t see the email, check your Spam or Social tabs. Enter the key and click “Verify” to complete the Email Verification step.

3. Check the box to agree to the NDG privacy policy – click “Complete Enrollment”.

4. The CyberStart Self-Paced Course page opens – click “Claim Free Access”.

5. On the next page, below “Competition” click “Launch CyberStart VM”.

6. Click on the CyberStart Virtual Machine picture to open the VM. The screen will be black for ~15-30 seconds, then the Ubuntu desktop login page will appear. The password to login is “agent”.

Click on the “Content” button for instructions on using the VM in the NDG interface. Make sure to read them before jumping in!