While we hope your experience getting setup and registered for CyberStart America goes without a hitch, there are some common issues that you may come across during the registration process.

Sometimes, at busy times, verification emails can take a little while to come through, but if your email has not come through within 48 hours then be sure to check the following:

1. Make sure you have checked your spam folder, and your "promotions" tab, particularly if using Gmail.

2. If you're using a school email address, your school may be blocking emails from our domain (your school IT team may be able to help with this - Whitelisting e-mails from CyberStart America).

3. Check that you meet our eligibility criteria.

4. Ensure you've correctly remembered which email you signed up with, and are checking the right inbox.

5. If you think you might have mistyped your email address when registering, or if you're experiencing any other problems, email us on support@cyberstartamerica.org with which email address they have used to register, and which stage in the process they have got to, and we'll look into it for you.