I have registered but I haven't received the verification or game token email

Sometimes, at busy times, confirmation/verification emails can take a little while to come through, but if your email has not come through within 48 hours then be sure to check the following:

  1. Make sure you have checked your spam folder, and your "promotions" tab, particularly if using Gmail.
  2. If you're using a school email address, ensure the school isn't blocking emails from our domain (your school IT team may be able to help with this - Whitelisting e-mails from CyberStart America).
  3. Check that you meet our eligibility criteria - we run initial eligibility checks on registration, and our system may have flagged a registration as invalid if the registrant doesn't meet all the criteria.
  4. Ensure you've correctly remembered which email you signed up with, and are checking the right inbox.
  5. If you think you might have mistyped your email address when registering, or if you're experiencing any other problems, have them email us on support@cyberstartamerica.org and we'll look into it for you.

I have registered and verified my email, but not received my Game token email after a few minutes.

If you received your first confirmation email fine and have clicked the link to verify your email, but not received their Game token email with an hour, we suggest the following:

  1. Try clicking the verification link in the email again - very occasionally the click does not register as verified the first time.
  2. Repeat the checks above of spam and promotions folders.
  3. Contact us support@cyberstartamerica.org and we can re-send your Game token email very easily once your email address has been verified.

I tried to redeem my Game token, but told my email address is already in use / can't log into old account.

This can be a common problem, particularly for those that have played CyberStart Game before through a previous program such as Girls Go CyberStart.

You will need to redeem your token using a different email address than the one you have used previously. There is a full support article on this topic here: License code doesn't work for a previous CyberStart user.


I have received my Game token, but when I try to redeem it, it is "invalid", "bad" or "already in use".

In almost all cases, this is because the token has already been redeemed, but you may not realise the redemption has gone through.

  1. It may not have appeared to redeem successfully, but if they have attempted to register the token previously then it may have gone through at our end, and therefore they will be unable to register it again. In this case, there should be an email waiting in the inbox of whichever email address was used to redeem it - check spam and promotions, just in case.
  2. If you have redeemed the token but believe you have mistyped their email address when doing so, you can contact support@joincyberstart.com - the Game support team should be able to amend this on their account.

You have redeemed your Game token, but not received the confirmation email where you are required to click a link to complete the Game license registration.

Once you have redeemed your Game access token in the CyberStart Hub, you should receive an email to the email address you used to redeem the token, which requires you to click a link to complete the registration of the Game license to that address.

  1. Check spam and promotions folders - this could be dated any time from the first day they signed up.
  2. If it definitely hasn't arrived, the best thing to try first is using the "forgot password" link at https://hub.joincyberstart.com/sign-in - that will re-send the confirmation email.
  3. If you don't receive that, or get a message indicating the account cannot be found, then it's likely that the email address was entered incorrectly when redeeming the token. If this is the case, please email support@joincyberstart.com with your full name and email address, and the Game team can fix this on the system.