High school students with an existing CyberStart Game license through JROTC can use that to qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition that is part of the CyberStart America program, and will be invited to join the CyberStart America group in the CyberStart community, so you will get most of the benefits of being in CyberStart America even though you are registered slightly differently to those that signed up after the end of October.
Any cadet reaching the qualifying criteria for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition (20% Game completion) will be automatically invited to take part when it takes place in Spring 2021.
If you have an existing JROTC account, you can continue to use your JROTC login for CyberStart Game and build on your progress, and will be invited to take part in the Competition in the spring.
You can register for CyberStart America separately in addition if you wish, however, your progression from your JROTC account will not be migrated over, as they will be two separate accounts - you would need to register the new Game license with a different email address.