CyberStart America is a new and sizeable program that connects with the National Cyber Scholarship program to offer significant scholarship and educational opportunities for top performers. The program absorbs a few other programs that have run in the US previously, such as Girls Go CyberStart.

After significant consultation with teachers, many teachers told us that inviting students and managing clubs was a significant point of friction for them. It was preventing teachers who are not experts from inviting their students, and so the decision was made to make CyberStart America a single player focused sign up and competition. The club functionality has at this time been removed so that students can sign up and play with minimal friction. 

As part of the registration your students will need to provide a teacher or counsellor for verification of eligibility. If your students appoint you then you will also receive periodic notifications of their progress and qualification. This process may be different from before, but will ultimately mean lots and lots of students can get involved and teachers without a background in IT can help find those hidden talented students.

Naturally, students are still welcome to work in teams and spend time together in a club and solve challenges. Some teachers are using Google Classroom or checkins with students to get reports on their progress.