CyberStart America is a new program. The free licenses provided require you to start from the beginning of CyberStart Game, even if you've played before, to give everyone a fair chance of making enough progress to qualify for the rewards and prizes on offer.

If you are a returning user (welcome back!), already registered with us and have a license code from a previous experience then you will not be able to re-use that license code.

You will also be unable to register a new Game token using the same email address as you have previously used.

To get around this, you are required to register your new Game license using an alternative email address so you can start playing. 

We are very aware that this may not be ideal and please be assured that we are working on a fix for this for next time round.

In the meantime, if signing up with another email address is causing you problems, or you do not have a different email to use, then please do not hesitate to contact us at