It sounds like you/your student has probably signed up for a free CyberStart account, but has not registered for the CyberStart America program, which will automatically upgrade the account to give full access to all the bases.

Firstly - please DON'T delete the free account - you can just upgrade it by following the instructions below!

If they go to register at, and use the same email address that is attached to their existing CyberStart account, then once their registration is processed, they’ll automatically get a free upgrade in their account.

If you send all the rest of your students to CyberStart America to register first, then a CyberStart game account will be automatically created for them as part of their program registration. It doesn't matter if they do or don't already have a CyberStart account with access to Intern base.

For clarity, CyberStart as a game exists worldwide; anyone can have a free account, and paid upgrades are available to those that want them. CyberStart America is a targeted program that funds these upgrades for a specific set of people (U.S. high school students and their teachers), so they are free to the user, as long as they register correctly!

If you have any further issues, then please contact our support team on and we can help you further.